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Hi! I'm Dawn, the mom behind Momsanity. I've got a few thoughts about my wonderfully crazy journey with that cute kid in the picture and a brand-new baby girl—and I look forward to hearing about your adventures in motherhood, too!  

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I loved breastfeeding. And no one was more surprised about that little fact than me. 

I mean, it was always something I knew I’d wanted to try, but it was also something that always seemed a little intimidating and daunting to me. I wasn't sure if I could do it or, to be perfectly honest, if I wanted to do for the long haul.

While breastfeeding has a ton of health benefits for baby and mom, I am not someone who insists that it’s the right choice for everyone. Some women can't, others don’t want to, and who am I to say what’s best for them? Their bodies, their babies, their decisions. The way I see it, fed is best. As long as baby is eating and happy, it’s all good. 

So I gave myself deadlines—first three months to hang in there, then four, and then I didn’t need those deadlines anymore. This was the right choice for me and baby, and we were a great team. It was our time, our little dance. And even though we were both ready to wean at almost 13 months, I still cried when it happened. 

Much to my surprise (again), after more than a year of not breastfeeding, I still miss a few things about it—5 things, in particular.

Instant soothing. Crying, be gone! And it was—instantly!—because of Mommy’s Magical Boobies. Yes, that is what my husband I called them, and it was ever-so-accurate. Even when baby wasn’t hungry, they worked their magic before bedtime, after shots at the doctor’s office and whenever I couldn’t figure out what else was the matter. No need for Harry Potter when you had these wondrous things.

That sweet, dopey milk-drunk look. No matter how tired you are, you can’t help but smile when you see that sleepy, completely satisfied look on baby’s face when he’s done eating. Babies are like drunk little men...but in the cutest possible ways. Even with the spit-up and inappropriate groping in public places. 

Eating whatever you want. Mommy confession: One of the things that initially appealed to me about breastfeeding was the calorie-burning. And it’s amazing. We’re talking around 500 calories per day. So I never felt guilty for that ice cream sundae with the works or eating marshmallow fluff out of the jar. (What, like you’ve never done that?) Biology is brilliant: Watch the calories go in, then disappear! Until you stop breastfeeding...and then they suddenly don’t. 

Baby immunity. My son was never healthier than when he was getting all of those wonderful Mommy antibodies. I nursed him even between bouts of the stomach flu, because I knew it was the best way to protect him from getting sick. And you know what? It worked. I felt like Superwoman, and he was Superbaby.

Being the one he looks to for comfort. And, if I’m being totally honest, being his whole world. My boy loves his mama—and he’s always loved his mama’s hair, which is, I think, a direct result of our breastfeeding days—but at 26 months, he’s also grappling with his independence and separating from me. All good and healthy, of course, but there’s nothing like the intense intimacy of breastfeeding and knowing that you are the moon and the stars for this perfect little creature who you created and is your complete responsibility. And did I mention the snuggles? Oh, the snuggles. The. Absolute. Best.

And 5 Things I Don’t Miss…

Being the sole provider of his comfort. Sometimes you really need to do laundry. Sometimes you really need to do work. Sometimes you really need to be there for a friend. Sometimes you really need a break.

Breastfeeding in public. I am seriously in awe of women who do this and do this well. And I have many friends who do. I, on the other hand, am apparently wildly uncoordinated. Boobs out, shirt tangled, bra somehow at my chin, cover not doing the covering it’s supposed to be doing, baby and mom completely uncomfortable—it wasn’t pretty. So unless we were at a Mommy and Me movie at our local (and very dark) movie theater or going to a friend’s house, a bottle usually came out with us, just in case. That said, I loved knowing that I could feed my child if I really needed to, in any dire circumstances, and at that point, I knew I wouldn’t care about flashing random strangers. Still, I am determined to get better at this with Baby #2.

Pumping. You never feel less sexy than when you have a pump hooked up to your boobs. Personally, I felt like a cow—there, I said it—even though the importance of what I was doing was always at the forefront of my mind. Don’t get me wrong: Pumps are wonderful inventions, and they help to extend breastfeeding when you have to go back to work or just need a break. But God, did I hate being hooked up to that contraption after baby was asleep to get a few ounces of liquid gold. Which, mind you, my kid refused to drink under any circumstances, but that’s another story.  

Leaky boobs. And those telltale wet spots in the worst possible places. And bra liners, which are basically pantyliners for your boobs. And that painful, engorged feeling when you’re away from baby and pump and your body truly aches for him. Let’s not forget sore, cracked nipples (which, with the right guidance from a good lactation consultant and lots of lanolin, should go away after a few weeks). The leaky boobs, on the other hand, will be with you for a while even after you stop nursing. 

Nighttime wakings. At some point during those first few weeks (and months), you start looking like a zombie from The Walking Dead. Scratch that—you make the zombies from The Walking Dead look good. Feeding baby every two hours in those early days can take their toll. That said, as tired as I was, I did love those middle-of-the-night cuddles and that quiet time just staring at baby, my perfect little miracle. So...that’s something I don’t miss but also kind of really do. Motherhood is complicated and confounding sometimes, huh?

Tell Us: What do you miss about those early days with baby that you never thought you would?


  1. I'm still in the midst of breastfeeding, but I can definitely relate to all of these things! I absolutely love how my little one looks after a feeding...all drowsy and drunk on milk. So cute! It's so convenient and works for us, but I completely agree for whatever reason it is not for every mom, and you have to do with is right for you and your baby! I definitely will NOT miss the breast pump. I definitely feel like a cow when I'm using that thing. Though I am grateful for it, because it means I can hand her off to someone on occasion.

    Great post, stopping by from #Sharefest.

  2. @Bev: Thank you, Bev! That milk-drunk look is the best, isn't it? My 2yo now runs around the house like a drunk little man, but that's from extreme exertion and exhaustion. Boys!

  3. I'm impressed you did it for so long! I couldn't take it myself. Never produced enough and had to supplement from beginning. I couldn't wait to stop but hung in for 4 1/2 months. I do miss the calorie-burning tho!

  4. @Liz: Awesome that you hung in there for 4 1/2 months, despite the issues you were having. Baby got lots of excellent antibodies, and you burned lots of calories in those months. :)

  5. Gravatar
    Betsy Apr 12, 2014

    Definitely trade-offs. Weaning my oldest was bittersweet, but once we did we found new ways to bond and connect. Love how life works :)

  6. Gravatar
    Amy @ItsAMindfulLife Apr 12, 2014

    Hi Dawn:
    Great post! I don't have children, but in reading your post- I get to see a glimpse into this special experience. Thank you! (I loved the "sweet, dopey milk-drunk look" part!) Thank you so much for participating in #smallvictoriessunday- we hope you stop bay again next week! :)

  7. Gravatar
    Rebekah @ Survivingtoddlerhooddotcom Apr 13, 2014

    I miss the middle of the night feedings, but only because of the extra cuddle time. :)
    Stopping in from Mom's Small Victories. :)

  8. Gravatar
    Michelle Melville-Kashon Apr 13, 2014

    This is a great post. I really like your honest point of view and your thoughts on the good and the not so good. I am 23 weeks pregnant and plan to breastfeed. I really enjoyed reading this! I'm visiting from Mom's Small Victories.

    -Michelle at

  9. Gravatar
    Kristi @ And Babies Don't Keep Apr 13, 2014

    I love this post! I did a series on breastfeeding recently and it was fun to think through. I absolutely agree though - fed is best is a great way to put it.

  10. @Kristi @ And Babies Don't Keep: Thank you, Kristi! And I'll have to check out your series!

  11. @Rebekah @ Survivingtoddlerhooddotcom: Gotta love the cuddle time, no matter when you get it. It will only last for so long, after all! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  12. @Michelle Melville-Kashon: Thank you! And congrats on your pregnancy, Michelle! Best of luck, and when you're registering, you might also want to check out this post on new-mom essentials that everyone forgets to tell you that you need: Thanks for reading, and I hope that you'll stop by again soon!

  13. Gravatar
    Tanya @ Mom's Small Victories Apr 14, 2014

    I love every single one of these. I loved breastfeeding my 3 sons and the dopey milk induced coma look was the best! My sons still find comfort in some of the things they did while they nursed and it makes me smile still when I remember those days. I wish I could have breastfed longer but I couldn't because of my medical issues.

    Thanks for sharing with #smallvictoriessunday and glad to have you link up again! Hope you join us Thursday for #ThrowbackThursdaylinkup!

  14. Gravatar
    Carrie Apr 14, 2014

    I nursed both of my babies for 19 months and I agree with pretty much everything you have on here...the good and the bad! It was all worth it and I do miss nursing, but I'm also okay with that chapter of my life being behind me. So bittersweet!

  15. @Carrie: I so agree—it's totally bittersweet! Every stage is wonderful in its own right, but then again, babies—ah, babies. :)

  16. @Tanya @ Mom's Small Victories: Thanks, Tanya! And yes, I'd love to join you again!

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