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  • Holy Crap, I Have a Toddler

    I recently asked the moms on my Facebook page how much longer I could refer to my baby as my baby. When my daughter hit the 11-month mark, I started to get e-mails from baby companies saying that toddlerhood was here, and I balked, saying that it was absolutely not and that I wanted them to shut their dirty mouths. 

    I was kidding…sort of. My baby girl has always had quite the independent streak, but now, fresh off of her 1st birthday, she’s acting like a full-blown toddler. 

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  • Featured on HuffPo: The Terrifying Thing I Taught My Preschooler

    Don't pick up your sister!

    This is my refrain. Every morning, afternoon and night. 

    My sweet 4-year-old loves his little sister so much, and it is beyond sweet. I just wish he didn’t want to pick her up all the time. She just turned 1, and she’s so little and delicate compared to my frenetic 4-year-old. 

    But then the other day, something occurred to me—something awful—and I hastily added...

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  • This Is a Post About Nothing

    That headline makes my life sounds like a Seinfeld episode. Some days, it feels like it. Only instead of Kramer, I’ve got a crazy 4-year-old. 

    But it's about more than just having a preschooler with unruly hair. It’s that there always seems to be nothing going on and everything going on at the same time, all the time. Like all moms, I am so busy during the day, I feel like I can barely breathe, and I am completely spent by the time I crawl into bed at some ungodly hour...but what the heck do I have to show for it? Honestly, not much. And I can never escape the feeling that I’ve gotten nothing—NOTHING—done all day long. 

    Where do the hours go? Where do the days go? 

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  • How New Dads Can Help Breastfeeding Moms

    We usually think of breastfeeding as falling solely on our shoulders—and a lot of it does, of course. 

    We’re the ones who are up at all hours of the night with a hungry baby. It’s our nipples that are sore and possibly cracked and bleeding. It's our painfully engorged breasts that leak milk if we so much as hear a baby cry. And most important, it's our bodies that are ultimately responsible for keeping our babies alive and making sure that they thrive.

    It’s a lot, and it’s stressful.

    But dads have a bigger role to play in breastfeeding than we—and they—may realize.

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  • 8 Side Effects of Having a Freakishly Tall Kid

    I am not tall. I am not short. In fact, I am just about the most average you can get when it comes to height. However, my five-foot-four stature gets totally side-eyed when I tell people how old my son is. 

    For the record, he’s 4 and a half…and the size of a 7-year-old. Seriously. He’s usually a full head taller than almost everyone else in his classes, and he seems on track to try out for the Knicks in a couple of seasons. 

    I was a small kid—and a late bloomer, at that—so this is a whole new experience for me.

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