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  • Friday Favorites: The BabyBum Brush

    Is there anything less fun than changing a dirty diaper? Probably not…but a close second would have to be applying diaper cream to a kid with a diaper rash during the whole process.

    I can’t fathom how anyone is supposed to navigate this smoothly. Put simply: It is a freaking mess.

    You scoop out a dollop of thick white cream with your fingers and slather it on the affected area. Great…except that the cream is designed to not come off…and now it’s on your hands and under your nails (yuck)…and somehow you have to put a clean diaper on your baby without getting the cream everywhere…while keeping said baby from launching herself off the changing table and putting her hands in the newly applied diaper cream. 

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  • Why Do Moms Feel Guilty All the Damn Time?

    Men don’t ask for what they need. They demand it.

    If they want to go to the gym, they say, “I’m going to the gym.”

    If they’re exhausted, they sleep in.

    Women sheepishly ask for it, then feel bad about asking. It. Is. Ridiculous.

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  • Father's Day: The Little Bath-Time Routine That Rocks in a Big Way

    I’ve always thought that the best relationships are built on the silly little things. 

    Don’t get me wrong: In a marriage or other long-term arrangement, it’s important to agree on the big things, too. But the little things—like what type of wine you like or what kind of music you listen to on a road trip—make an enormous difference in your day-to-day sanity and happiness.

    When it comes to what I love about watching my husband with our 3-year-old, the same seems to hold true. 

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  • Friday Favorites: Baby Bargains...and Finding the Best Baby Products

    I’m pretty sure there’s nothing that moms like better than recommending baby products that they love to expecting parents. 

    Well, aside from an actual adorable, snuggly baby. And a trustworthy babysitter. And wine. And uninterrupted sleep. But other than all that, it’s the recommending thing.

    The only issue, of course, is that everyone likes something different. How can you decide what’s best for you and your kid? It’s the question that I get asked the most—and like I said, I love the recommending thing—so here goes….

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  • The One Thing You Absolutely Need to Do for Yourself

    A little vanity isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I’m starting to think it’s necessary if you want to make it through the first few years of motherhood with your sanity semi-intact.

    I say that because at varying points in the last four-and-a-half years, I’ve been that mom. You know, the one who forgets to re-clip her nursing bra and whose boobs are subsequently lopsided. The one who walks out of the house with spit-up on her shoulder and doesn’t realize it for a good hour. The one who occasionally eats a Peppermint Pattie for breakfast and wonders if that counts as brushing her teeth because she’s running late. 

    Yeah, that’s me. And chances are, that’s occasionally you, too.

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