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  • Moms: It's Time to Change Our Bad Attitudes

    The week before last with my kids was a sh*t show.

    I say that lovingly, because we had a lot of fun and I love them to pieces…but it was a sh*t show, nonetheless. We had most of the week to ourselves, without many scheduled anythings, so it was our opportunity to do whatever we wanted.  

    We went to barbecues, we went to the pool, we visited friends, we played for hours at the park. There was extra TV while getting ready for an entire day away, which is great in the short term but tends to make my son’s behavior worse in the long term. There were pushed-off naps for the baby because I wanted her to sleep in the car. And bedtime? Do I even need to go there? 

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  • To My Little Loves on July 4th: Don't Get Any Ideas

    It’s the Fourth of July weekend, and we’re having fun, aren’t we?

    We’re making red, white and blue cupcakes. We’re going to barbecues and fireworks displays. You’re wearing star-spangled outfits because I just can’t help myself. And we’ve been learning about the significance of the holiday, which is just as important as all of the flashy celebrations.

    It’s been going great…sort of.

    Because as I was talking about an oppressive government and a tiny little country-that-could the other day, I saw your 4-year-old mind at work.

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  • Stop Commenting on My Baby Girl's Body!

    Am I taking crazy pills?

    Because either I’m crazy or everyone else is, and we all know how that usually goes. But really, this time I’m pretty sure it’s not me. 

    Less than a week after I wrote about a little old lady body-shaming my infant daughter, another woman commented on her sexuality. Yes, her sexuality. SHE IS 10 MONTHS OLD.

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  • Friday Favorites: The BabyBum Brush

    Is there anything less fun than changing a dirty diaper? Probably not…but a close second would have to be applying diaper cream to a kid with a diaper rash during the whole process.

    I can’t fathom how anyone is supposed to navigate this smoothly. Put simply: It is a freaking mess.

    You scoop out a dollop of thick white cream with your fingers and slather it on the affected area. Great…except that the cream is designed to not come off…and now it’s on your hands and under your nails (yuck)…and somehow you have to put a clean diaper on your baby without getting the cream everywhere…while keeping said baby from launching herself off the changing table and putting her hands in the newly applied diaper cream. 

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  • Why Do Moms Feel Guilty All the Damn Time?

    Men don’t ask for what they need. They demand it.

    If they want to go to the gym, they say, “I’m going to the gym.”

    If they’re exhausted, they sleep in.

    Women sheepishly ask for it, then feel bad about asking. It. Is. Ridiculous.

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