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  • Little Miss Independent Made Mommy Cry

    Well, to my credit, I didn’t actually cry…but I came close.

    I took my 13-month-old daughter to a mommy-and-me music class last Thursday. We had taken one in the spring, and it was such a lovely bonding time—just the two of us, without big brother siphoning off any of the attention. Even though she was only 8 months old at the time, she absolutely knew that it was special time for her, and she loved it. She was wide-eyed and enthusiastic, and she’d alternate between excitedly shaking those little shaker eggs and snuggling into my body as we sang songs. 

    So I high hopes for the fall semester.

    What went wrong?

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  • Friday Favorites: Vitafive Vitamins and a Coupon for You!

    I am tired. So tired. I feel like this is kind of redundant because I’m a mom and you know that already. 

    But here’s why I’m bringing it up (again): Because for one full week, I looked great. My skin was glowing, my under-eye circles had faded, I had more pep in my step and—dare I say—I looked younger. Yep, I’ll dare to say it: I looked younger. And it certainly wasn’t because I was suddenly getting more sleep. My 13-month-old is currently in the throes of teething, after all.

    No, it was because I was trying out an ingenious combination of vitamins: Vitafive’s Beauty Pack

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  • Parenting: Irony, Puke and Silver Linings

    Less than an hour after I hit “publish” on a post about unexpectedly perfect parenting days, my daughter started puking.

    And she kept puking for the rest of the night. I got maybe two hours of sleep, and for a full 24 hours, our apartment reeked of an unholy combination of Clorox and vomit.

    I had to laugh, because if I didn’t, I’d cry. Things like this always happen, don’t they? After parents have a wonderful day or an awesome epiphany, the universe always seems to smack them down to size....

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  • Friday Favorites: Kleynimals

    I hate germs. 

    I realize that no one likes germs, but some of us like them a whole lot less than others. 

    Some of us cringe at the 10-second rule. Some of us panic when our kid picks up another kid’s drooled-on toy or drinks out of someone else’s cup. Some of us once even bought a pocket-sized UV pacifier sanitizer. (It seemed like a good idea at the time.) And by some of us, of course I mean me. 

    I can’t help it, and I’m no better with my second baby, even though everyone said I’d be more relaxed.

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  • Reflections on My First Year As a Mom of Two

    One month ago, my baby turned 1. 

    How this is possible, I have no idea, because I feel like I was pregnant about half a minute ago. But that’s the crazy thing about being a mom of two, isn’t it? Time flies in the most frightening way possible. 

    Also, excuse my language, but holy shit, I’m a mom of two. That sounds so grown up…and yet, I don’t feel grown up at all.

    I’m not sure when that feeling is going to kick in, if ever, but I have noticed quite a few contradictions since we added Kid #2 to our brood. 

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